Monday, August 23, 2010

Learning... Knowledge... WISDOM

The first few chapters of the book of Proverbs in the Bible are rather clear about the entire context of knowledge and wisdom.

 As I see it, the sequence is obvious.
  • We Observe
  • We Gather Information
  • We Learn New Things
  • We Begin to Gain Wisdom
The nature of our trip through this learning of science will have a continuing theme.
  • The study of foundational science principles
  • An analysis of the technology produced as a result of that science
  • An assessment of how that technology affects society within the context of scripture
We will use this blogging platform for various tasks as the class develops. There will likely be some homework responses, a "blog-bases exam," and perhaps part of the final exam.

Your response or opinion AT ANY TIME is welcome!

1 comment:

  1. Speaking from the point of view of someone nearing the completion of your course in 2012, I would say that your class was highly interesting because of our study of technology and how it affects society and the relationship to scripture.

    As for a second observation, I thought it was interesting when I went are read Proverbs and found out that wisdom has a feminine connotation. Most languages (except apparently American and English) make nouns male or female (and this is apparent in the articles, for example, in Spanish "el" and "la"). Most important things especially in that time period and in the culture, should've had a male connotation (and I think that the most obvious of these is that two of the Trinity are referred to as male and the third appears to be an "it"), however, wisdom, this highly valued and sought after thing, is female. In the context, it just seemed a bit odd and for that reason caught my attention and became interesting.