Natural Disasters

Coriolis Effect 


In the realm of "bad things that happen," hurricanes may have the potential to produce the most widespread devastation to the largest number of people.

More Hurricanes 


Tornadoes may be limited in area, but are certainly NOT limited in destructive potential. The large amount of energy concentrated in a small, well-defined area creates one of the most destructive forces in nature.


If you live anywhere on the "Ring of Fire," you are in an earthquake zone that makes a movement of the earth possible at any time. Mostly because of stored up energy in tectonic plate interaction, an earthquake is fundamentally laying in wait to release that energy when we least expect it.


Tsunamis are usually caused by undersea earthquakes in which the energy of the earthquake is transferred to the seawater, creating wave motion that carries the energy to other places in its path. This energy transfer is completed when the wave strikes shore and expends the energy by horrific destructive events.


While not normally considered a natural disaster, thunderstorms can impart localized disaster in the form of flooding, hail or lightning strikes. In that mode, a thunderstorm can be considered and "energy trigger" which translates its own energy into initiating larger, more profound actions.

 Evidence of a Global Flood

Perhaps the most horrible of all natural disasters was a global flood that appears to have occurred at one time in the history of the earth. Interestingly, even though the evidence is there, many people refuse to process the meaning of that evidence, since it interferes with their personal belief system.

 Yellowstone super volcano

Volcanoes might be the most unexpected and unanticipated bad things waiting to happen. Older, now dormant, volcanoes sit with grandeur around the world, yet holding the potential to erupt once more. (remember Mt. St. Helens) Yellowstone National Park is resplendent in its natural beauty, yet according to many volcano experts, is located exactly over one of the most potentially powerful volcanoes EVER!

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  1. Whether it be hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc., there are many natural disasters that plague the world. Looking at the destructive power of each disaster is crazy and each one brings a new level of destruction and chaos to the region it is in. Looking at the evidence of a global flood, we see that Noah's arc story is a valid point yet many people do not want to believe in such events since they have a differing belief system. You do not necessarily have to except all the spiritual or religious connotations to the story but if there are signs of such a flood, then maybe it is worth looking more into.