Monday, October 9, 2017

Dogs or Devices?

Our dog's name is Pippa. She is a Poodle-Terrier-Other mix. She is a remarkably happy dog. Pippa always greets our return home with a wagging tail and slobbery, licking tongue. She is a rescue dog, and was 1 year old when rescued. It took some time and training for her to become accustomed to us, as it did for us to get used to her way of interacting with us and other humans. She is beginning to lessen her barking, but we hope she retains that instinct in an emergency.

Pippa has several interesting and commendable qualities.
  • She greets us enthusiastically early every morning.
  • During the day she follows us wherever we go.
  • Through her we have formed new friends.
  • To regain energy she needs to be fed each day.
  • Exploring new places is a great joy to her.
  • After a long walk she can find her own way home.
  • Playing games is a favorite pastime.
  • We need to update her shots on a regular basis.
  • She isn't aware of several hidden dangers.
  • Reaching down to pet her is a natural habit.

Great Science Produces Handheld High Tech

Both my wife and I own smart devices. They are Apple iPhones. We purchased them from a location where many other devices were located. In case we need them, they are never far from us. Their operating systems are rather complex and took no small degree of training to begin to accomplish the tasks we intended to happen. Sometimes if we forget our phone we return home to get it... just in case of an emergency.

Our cellphones have many interesting and useful functions.

... please see above.